Facebook Art Meme

The other day I saw my sister Kristyn post a piece of art on her profile.

This is what the description read:

The idea is to occupy Facebook with art, breaking the monotony of photos of lunch, sushi and sports.
Whoever likes this post will receive an artist and has to publish a piece by that artist with this text. Artist shown: George Stubbs

(George Stubbs created the featured image piece)

I liked it and she assigned me M.C. Esher based on a conversation we had earlier. Everyone knows about Esher’s stair paintings so I dug a little deeper and found the following:

Credit: M.C. Esher
Credit: M.C. Esher

I posted mine, received likes, and assigned my friends their artists as well. I spent the weekend clicking through profiles and watching the “tree” of art expand.

As someone who “works on the internet” the whole thing was fascinating. The thing that really stopped and made me think was a comment I saw on one of my coworkers profiles: (who got their artist assigned through one of my likers)

All the cool Automatticians are doing it so count me in.

Just a day ago this meme was in my sisters circle of friends. Once it hit me, it branched out into two distinct groups: People I know in Kent and my co workers. From there it keeps branching.

Not only is the whole art meme cool in general (it exposes people to artists and work) it also is a perfect example of how things can spread virally. I would love to see a data visualization of even just a branch of the meme. It could produce it’s own beautiful art🙂.

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Justin Shreve

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