Twenty Fifteen

January 1st! Happy New Years, dear readers :). It’s time to reflect on last years goals and set some new ones. If you allow me some flexibility with my resolutions from last year – I think I met a good deal of them. Let’s take a look.. Now that I’m finished with my undergraduate degree, and I’m […]

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Four Months In

I have now been in Oregon for a little over four months and I figured I would reflect on the experience, as one does. Now seems like the perfect time to do it since my entire family is visiting for the holidays and this is the first time I’ve seen them since the move. That […]

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Finally Home

It has truly been a crazy few months. Here is a short recap since I’ve been neglecting my blog lately: I moved out of the apartment I lived in for three years (which never really felt like home). I traveled around a bit including an amazing trip to Iceland. I went house hunting in Oregon. I […]

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Empty Nest

Empty Nest. Great post by my parents that just made me cry. Relates to my previous post & kind of sums up some of the feelings going around right now.

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This Is It. Here I Go.

About a month ago I was talking to a friend about the upcoming changes in my life. I mentioned how things were becoming much more real with each passing day. In reply I was told: “This is it. You’re a real adult now. You’re leaving your friends and family and starting a new life.”. It […]

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