Finally Home

It has truly been a crazy few months. Here is a short recap since I’ve been neglecting my blog lately: I moved out of the apartment I lived in for three years (which never really felt like home). I traveled around a bit including an amazing trip to Iceland. I went house hunting in Oregon. I […]

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Empty Nest

Empty Nest. Great post by my parents that just made me cry. Relates to my previous post & kind of sums up some of the feelings going around right now.

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This Is It. Here I Go.

About a month ago I was talking to a friend about the upcoming changes in my life. I mentioned how things were becoming much more real with each passing day. In reply I was told: “This is it. You’re a real adult now. You’re leaving your friends and family and starting a new life.”. It […]

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Blogging Challenge Results

It’s now May and my blogging challenge is over. I ran some analysis and used a script to pick winners at random. For a full list of participants see this post. A total of 41 people signed up and participated in the blogging challenge. 17 bloggers successfully met the challenge of posting everyday. That’s 41%. […]

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