I spent my evening last night (yes I spend some of my free time doing work related stuff) getting the WordCamp schedule up on the website. It’s looking amazing. We have a lot of good sessions and some amazing speakers. Check it out. Tickets are still on sale so buy some today.


I just spent a long weekend in Boston with some friends. We had originally went there for PAX but we did a lot more than that. I had great food, great drinks, and hung out with cool people. I thought it was a nice little celebration for my recent position change at Automattic (I’m now […]


I knew I wanted to go to see the redwoods the first time I ever went to San Francisco. I didn’t know how many chances I would have to be back in SF so I made it happen (it turned out that I would have many many more chances). I had previously signed up for […]


Automattic (my employer) has opened up two internship positions for Summer 2014. You can see more information in the announcement post. There are two different positions. One is a developer position perfect for any of my friends in the digital sciences program. You’ll be working with great people on cool WordPress related projects. The other […]


Learning new things is never easy and the people trying to help you learn really are trying to help you. I learned that at a pretty young age. I sometimes struggled learning things from my parents. Bike riding included. Despite a parent’s best intentions, a young kid will get frustrated and think their parents are […]

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I was going through some old photos and videos trying to get my nostalgia on. I think it worked. I found a copy of a “video” that we made for our German class early in high school. I believe we were supposed to make a video using verbs. Our group went with a “music video”. […]


I’ve always loved travel. I’ve always loved the freedom that it gives you from your normal life. That’s doubly true of road trips. It’s one of freest form of travel that you can do. There are no tickets. There is no security line. You can just start going. You can set the direction you want […]