About a month ago I was talking to a friend about the upcoming changes in my life. I mentioned how things were becoming much more real with each passing day. In reply I was told: “This is it. You’re a real adult now. You’re leaving your friends and family and starting a new life.”. It […]

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It’s now May and my blogging challenge is over. I ran some analysis and used a script to pick winners at random. For a full list of participants see this post. A total of 41 people signed up and participated in the blogging challenge. 17 bloggers successfully met the challenge of posting everyday. That’s 41%. […]

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At Automattic, we don’t just make WordPress.com — we use it. A lot. All of us have at least one blog on WordPress.com (even if it’s just a test blog), and many have more than one, where we write and publish photos regularly. Even Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress…


I have tried and failed many times to blog regularly in the past. I started this blog back in November as an experiment to see if I could finally do it. My goal was to jump in and post something everyday and I believe I’ve succeeded. I haven’t missed a day yet and today marks […]


One of the things that I love about my job is the ability to work anywhere. Literally. Today I’m working from I-70, I-270, and I-76 in Ohio. I just spend the weekend down in southern Ohio with both my sisters. We were having a “siblings weekend” as Jessica called it since we’ll all be living […]

Stupid little blog post today :). I believe this happened on my birthday this year but it was when we were in Hawaii. It was probably after some sake or gin and tonics (both our Kona choice of drink). Anthony, my sisters’s boyfriend, told me to draw a self portrait of myself using my left […]