I had some sort of mini panic/stress attack last night as the realization of how much stuff I have to do came crashing down on me like a rockslide. Through a mixture of work, conference planning, seeing friends before I move, and actual trying to move – my days are pretty full. I think the […]


Writing prompt time. This one seems relevent because I just had a similar conversation with my sister recently. You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room. Everyone has fears whether they like to admit them or not. I probably have three big ones. One of my fears is “open […]


If you follow my photoblog MyLifeInJPEGS you’ll see that we had a nice homecooked meal featuring stuffed peppers as the main for Easter. I’ve been addicted to these the past couple weeks but figured I should share the recipe. Here’s a recipe that makes 5 (which is what we did for the family yesterday). What […]

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Even cats celebrate 4/20. One day I brought a bag of catnip to the colony and a fight immediately broke out between Belly and Spirit. Eventually they calmed down and even let other cats partake in the catnip. They rolled around in it, covering their entire bodies with catnip.

Happy Easter! That’s not a picture of a bunny but it’s even cuter :). Today my sister and I are cooking dinner for our family. Grain-free of course. What are your plans?

Originally posted on Maueyes:
A talkative cat living under my brother’s porch in Kent, Ohio.  


I’m finally moving out after three years of having this apartment as my home base. I don’t have a place lined up in Oregon yet but because of the timing of a work trip, my lease is up while I’m gone. That means my move out date is officially May 8th. This place never really […]